Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vendor Review: Senza Sole, Mobile Sunless Tanning!

When I created this blog, I envisioned it as a resource for new brides, and those looking forward to becoming brides to come and uncover some great ideas, get reviews regarding vendors, and a great place for inspiration. 
One of the first people I knew I wanted to work with was Jennifer Mitchell, of Senza Sole, Mobile Sunless Tanning.  As her name would imply, Jennifer offers an amazing option to frying up in the sun (which isn't always an option in New England,) or baking up in a tanning bed.  She's mobile- literally- which means she'll travel to you, with all the tools she needs, and give you a very natural looking spray tan in under 10 minutes. 
She and I had a meeting scheduled for Friday morning, and knowing how busy I am- she suggested that we do the spray tan in our friend's office (this is how ingenious and flexible she is!).  So I show up, bringing my bathing suit, and ready for that fresh off the beach glow. 
Jen shows up with a pop up tent (to protect the area where the spray tan is happening), and a small rolling suitcase- full of her tools of the trade.  She lays out a dark colored rug (to cover the flooring, and as a soft spot for her when she's kneeling), turns on her machine and gets to work. 

Here I am, sporting an old suit, and some very pale skin, ready to be transformed.

Beforehand, she went over all the "positions" I'd be standing in so that there wouldn't be any spots that missed the spraying.

This one, as completely unflattering as it is, is my favorite.  I promise the stress in my face is completely unrelated to my experiences.

And finally... the finished product. 

My first full body experience with spray tanning was definitely a positive one, and took about as much time as I would have spent in a tanning bed.  The added bonus; I didn't have to wear the protective winkies, or googles; so no weird facial tan lines!  I love the healthy look a tan provides, but I hate the risks involved with bed tanning, and the stickiness and ordors involved with self tanning!  Jen's products are organic, which left me feeling bronzed, not covered in chemicals!
I had gotten the tan for our Engagement Party, and received so many compliments on my "tan," someone had even asked if I'd just come back from vacation!  I would absolutely recommend Jennifer to anyone that is is looking to be a little bronzed up!

Jennifer Mitchell
"For a healthy bronze glow"
Twitter: @SunlessJfer
Phone: 857 939 0072

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